"I appreciate your knowledge, humor and integrity. Your way of getting straight to the right point and at the same time leaving me enough space to recognize and develop solutions for myself helped me to make great personal progress. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I value myself - these three magic words accompany me through my everyday life, slowly open new doors for me and let me pursue my goal curiously and with focus. To you Inge - thank you for your inspirations, your motivation and your loving way with which you manage every day anew to inspire a completely different group and powerfully prepare them for change."

"Dear Inge Christine, I am very grateful to you. Working with you gave me the confidence to tackle seemingly unsolvable problems step by step."

"Dear Inge Christine, it was really three beautiful days! Your wealth of experience is incredible - and your willingness and openness to share it is just amazing."

"Dear Inge Christine, thank you so much again for your professional training and wonderful coaching sessions. I look forward to more!"

"Very nice atmosphere, good organization, great speaker."

"Very exciting, very well prepared, lots of experience, well applicable, also for my own personality work."

"Great seminar! Groundbreaking for my life."

"Dear Inge Christine, thank you for the impressive session and your gift to show me new ways and give me access to my mental strength."

"Dear Inge Christine, I would like to thank you again for the wonderful weekend. It was like a lot of oxygen for my brain and was incredibly fun and motivated me so much that I couldnĀ“t wait to put what I learned into action."