Services - in person and online

Intuitive Personal Coaching

Intuitive coaching is an exciting modality to help you realize your full potential and allow you to remember who you are when at your perfect equilibrium. Report on every personal or professional topic and aspect that moves you and seek solution. We can choose to talk and/or use one of the techniques below to identify goals and consider possible blocks, so that you can gain a greater perspective and make necessary shifts and releasements. The intuitive approach creates an expanded space for this.

Intuitive Business & Career Coaching

We┬┤ll use a variety of techniques as listed below to create a wider space of perception to shed light on facts and give you new perspectives and more clarity for upcoming decisions, assessment of different situations, correct timing, right order, ideas for goal-oriented behaviour in dealing with others such as employees, colleagues and customers and more. As with personal coaching, the intuitive component brings added value into our session.


EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT is a soft, quick and sustainable technique based on the assumption that the cause of all 'negative' emotions can be found in a disturbance in the body's own energy system. EFT, also called "Tapping Acupuncture", combines the approaches of western psychology with the eastern teachings of TCM to release disturbing and often deep-seated blockages. EFT can be used extremely successfully for all types of mental, emotional and social stresses as well as for physical and psychosomatic issues. Expect "miracles" and return to inner alignment and harmony, emotional well-being, physical health, mental clarity and come to spontaneous solutions and insights.

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Processing & Timeline Work

NLP offers a treasure-trove of formats and techniques to create choice and creative solutions as well as initiate personal growth and profound change. It enables people to replace non-serving thought patterns and behaviours with useful ones and to understand relationships and situations to consciously change and improve them.

Systemic Coaching

Everything is interconnected and often also unconsciously entangled. When previously unseen systemic connections and hidden entanglements between people or situations and conflicts can be recognised, then solutions for fruitful cooperation and harmonious togetherness both personally and professionally can be found more easily from this deeper understanding. We use either the system-board or work with ground anchors or special visualisation techniques.

Trauma Solution

EMDR, Somatic Experiencing & EFT are excellent trauma solution techniques to release almost every stressful or traumatic life experience in a soft and at the same time sustainable way by harmonising neurological patterns, emotions and behaviour. A resolved trauma is a great gift that brings us back to the natural flow of life, to harmony, love and compassion.

Tarot Coaching

Tarot is a practice rich in history and cultural knowledge. It is a "science of the mind" and an art based on intuition, interpretation and perception. Rich in symbols and pictures which activate the right hemisphere of the brain, Tarot provides the unique and holistic insight we are seeking so that we can transform and grow.

Deep Relaxation, Active Meditation & Affirmation Work

Through active meditation and Silva Mind Techniques you enter into a state of deep relaxation that allows you to "recharge your batteries", to recenter and to realign yourself. The effect can be enhanced by creative visualisation and affirmations exactly tailored to you, so that you become mentally free, stay in physical and emotional balance more easily and achieve your life goals and visions. Be sure: Everyone can reach altered brain states and affirmations, used in a deep state of your mind, really do work!