Services - in person and online

Intuitive Personal Coaching

Intuitive coaching is an exciting modality to help you realize your full potential and allow you to remember who you are when at your perfect equilibrium. Report on every personal or professional topic and aspect that moves you and seek solution. We can choose to talk and/or use one of the techniques and methodes below to identify goals and consider possible blocks, so that you can gain a greater perspective and make necessary shifts and releasements. The intuitive approach creates an expanded space for this.

Intuitive Business & Career Coaching

We┬┤ll use a variety of techniques as listed to create a wider space of perception to shed light on facts and give you new perspectives and more clarity for upcoming decisions, assessment of different situations, correct timing, right order, ideas for goal-oriented behaviour in dealing with others such as employees, colleagues and customers and more. As with personal coaching, the intuitive component brings added value into our session.